I'm working on a mobile app to clip segments from podcast episodes and share them with friends. It's called Soundbite.

I'm doing this because I noticed that I have clunky workarounds to keep track of interesting clips when listening to podcasts. I want to simplify the process of keeping track of useful things I learned, and to have better discussions with friends.

A soundbite of an episode would look like this:

Misinformation Is So Dangerous... (w/ Matt & Bowen)

Are you ready? Yes. And your time starts now. I don't think so honey people who think that Carol Baskin killed her husband no honey. I believe women. Constance Wu, as my friend Constance Wu has said, choose to believe women. Make the choice to believe women. There is this crazy smear campaign against her. You're all playing into this like you're aligning yourself with Joe Exotic which is like not which is so dissonant to like everything that you value. I'm seeing a lot of smart people compassionate people who do not buy into these cults of personality who are so on Joe Exotic's side and I'm like, I don't understand Carol I can spot a liar and Carol Baskins ain't one. I believe that the husband flew on his own to Costa Rica and then the plane damn crashed because it flew under the radar. That's what happened. Leave Carol Baskins alone. I'm the Chris Crocker to Carol Baskins of this generation.

When you listen to an episode and hear something interesting, you can screenshot your current position and share it with Soundbite. Soundbite will convert your screenshot into an audio clip and an editable transcript that you can revisit later and share with friends.

Soundbite will work alongside the app you already use to listen to podcasts, so you don't have to switch.

In the future, Soundbite could surface the most popular soundbites from an episode. Podcast listeners could preview soundbites to discover new podcasts that match their interests. Podcast creators could use these soundbites to see which parts their audience liked the most.

If you're interested, let me know.